About Axium

Axium provides Ajera, A&E project management and accounting software chosen by more than 2000 architecture and engineering firms across the US. Axium operates all customer support and research and development from its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Axium has been voted to Oregon Magazine's "Top 100 Companies to Work for" for the past six years.

About Project Trek

Project Trek (formerly ArchitTrek) is a system that revolutionizes the way project teams integrate. From the infancy of a project and through construction closeout, Project Trek creates transparency through the entire design process.

Seamless Communication

Because we wanted every person involved in a project to have immediate access to necessary documents, seamless communication became our mantra. This product allows all participants the ability to view the same documents and to easily exchange ideas. What sets Project Trek apart from other document management software is the ease of use. The end product is Project Trek, a project management system specifically designed by Architects for the construction industry.

Easy Access

Project Trek is both highly sophisticated in its capabilities and amazingly easy to use. There are no cumbersome installations or time-consuming downloads, as long as you have Internet access, you can log on to your account at anytime through the Project Trek main site. Once you have access to Project Trek, you can choose to add as many users or projects as you see fit. You and the users you've added can upload, view, and comment on all documents entered into the system. You are then free to collaborate across time zones and communicate without barriers.


Project Trek affords the Subscriber the ability to allow similar group types to view, create or edit project content. Content is able to be controlled by limiting what the User is able to access. Project Trek is housed at a Tier 4 Data Center which means your project content is highly encrypted and secure.

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