Project Management Solution

Through Project Trek's project management system, as long as there is an Internet connection, communication with every project stakeholder is seamless from anywhere in the world. Everyone involved in the project has access to documents from a central location; therefore, Project Trek allows you and your project stakeholders to read and respond to the same document, at the same time, 24 hours a day.

This state-of-the-art project management solution, created by Architects for the construction industry, allows you more time and financial resources to design and create.


Public & Private Bidding Module

This new Project Trek module allows you, as a subscriber, to monitor multiple projects, public and private. The module gives the Subscriber complete control of project bidding and document distribution. This unique feature to Project Trek can assure accurate bid content is posted. It also allows you to see what companies are attached to your project, compile a report that defines who is viewing your plans and specs, and allows for either electronic or conventional bid submittals. Most importantly, Project Trek allows you to upload addendums one time with instant notification sent to all parties.

Once Contractors and Sub-Contractors are engaged into the system, they will be able to download individual pages or complete plan sets, generate prior approvals and pre-bid RFI's, as well as, send bid documents to a selected printer of your choice. Ultimately, the system allows for electronic bidding. Electronic Bids are encrypted until the preset bid opening and then revealed automatically.


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Project Management

Electronic Bidding Module